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heart Cluster Chatter - 2013


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Heart of Mary Cluster Holy Week Schedule 2014 

Holy Thursday Mass: April 17th

              St. Mary, Urbana at 7:00 PM.

Good Friday Service: April 18th

              Sacred Heart, Walker at 5:30 pm

Holy Saturday Vigil Mass: April 19th

              St. Mary, Vinton at 7:30 pm

Easter Sunday:

Sacred Heart, Walker 8:00 am

St. Mary, Urbana 9:30 am

St. Mary, Vinton 11:00 am


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Caring for Your Marriage Next Step: 'Six Dates for Catholic Couples'

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Marriage Enrichment Initiative

We are a marriage building cluster!

St. Mary, Urbana hosted Deacon Mark & Rosann Sandersfeld for a Marriage Enrichment presentation on Sunday, March 23, 2014. Thirteen couples attended the session and free childcare was available.

During the presentation, the two shared their own experiences while opening the discussion to the group. Together, the group brainstormed and discussed potential marital challenges such as children, finances, time limitations, secular influences, and others. Couples worked in small groups and alone in order share their experiences.

The Marriage Enrichment program will continue throughout the year with the 'Six Dates' series. On six separate occasions, couples will come together as a large group to watch a brief video and then will be given a list of possible discussion topics. Childcare will be provided so the couples can go off to enjoy one-on-one time and focus on each other and their relationship. You did not have to attend the March 23rd program to come to the 'Six Dates.' The 'dates' do not build on each other.

For more information about the 'Six Dates'  program,  please contact Melissa Holthaus, CRE 319-215-6017 or Diane Walston, DRE 319- 472-3368.

Article by Holly Overturf, SMU Parishioner

'Six Dates' WHEN, WHERE & TIMES are:

Friday, May 2nd: 6:30 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Walker. Childcare ends @ 8:30.

Friday, May 30th: 6:30 pm @ St. Mary, Urbana Parish Hall. Childcare ends @ 8:30.

Friday, June 20th: 6:30 pm @ St. Mary, Vinton Parish Hall. Childcare ends @ 8:30.

Saturday, July 19th: After the Walker 5:15 Mass in the parish hall. A meal will be served to children in childcare. Childcare ends at 8:00 pm.

Friday, August 15th: 6:30 pm @ St. Mary, Urbana Parish Hall. Childcare ends @ 8:30.

Mark your calendar and come to as many of the dates as you can!

You did not have to attend the March 23rd program to come to the 'Six Dates.' The 'dates' do not build on each other.

Comments from participants who attended the marriage workshop Sunday, March 23rd:

*We need to talk to each other about us. Going out and talking about family issues is a 'staff meeting.'

*We all need each other.

*Instead of saying, "I'm sorry, ask for forgiveness."

*The afternoon helped us remember/ focus on what is really important.

*The best example for our kids is to love each other.

*Marriages need continued support in a world driven by secular needs and wants.

*God gave us to each other to complete us. Not to compete.  The difference between the two words is the letter 'L' which means love.

*It helped us remember why we fell in love in the first place.

*A simple door hinge is a visual sign that God is at the center of marriage. We are bound together.

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"Fasting with Father"

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Message from Fr. Barta:

Fasting is a part of every religious tradition and certainly an important part of our Catholic tradition. The church urges us to practice it during lent and especially Lenten Fridays.

I'm not very good at preserving at it. Once again, I've resolved to fast on Fridays during lent. However, I need a support group to encourage and hold me accountable. I will be reporting each week on facebook on how I have done and encourage you to join me.

After each Friday night Mass I will join anyone who wishes to share or needs encouragement to persevere.

"Like" our Facebook page to follow Father's journey: Heart of Mary Cluster Catholic Churches


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